Launched in 2022, VEINS is a fine jewellery brand with a contemporary aesthetic, inclusive approach, and sustainable conscience.

Our designs are based on timeless and wearable geometric shapes. We create conscious collections that are not trend or season-led. Our high-quality investment pieces will withstand the test of time and can be passed down generations. Our jewellery is genderless and available in 21 sizes. Sustainability and ethics underpin the brand. We exclusively use recycled gold and laboratory-grown diamonds. Manufacturing entirely in Paris, we keep our operations as local, traceable, and ethical as possible.

VEINS is a ‘new luxury’ based on moderation, inclusivity, and sustainability.


Veins remind us that, beneath the skin, we are all constructed the same. We want to celebrate difference while remembering that, regardless of colour, age, gender, ability, body-type or sexuality, we are innately equal and connected simply for being human beings. Our pieces are unisex, with every style available in 21 sizes (48-68).


The VEINS aesthetic is minimal, timeless, and trendless. Our designs focus on geometric shapes with sharp angles and multiple facets, naturally casting reflections and shadows. We play with light and dark, echoing our philosophy of embracing every side of yourself and revealing every facet of who you are. The core collection consists of rings and earrings in the
VEINS signature octagon. Whilst minimal in essence, we also play with
accumulation, stacking and intricate diamond placements. By varying scales and volumes, we create silhouettes that feel surprising yet familiar. Our pieces are perfect for stacking and work well alongside more traditional hoop rings, owing to their near-circular shape. VEINS pieces effortlessly add edge and interest to any jewellery collection.


VEINS exclusively use laboratory-grown diamonds. These are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds. Their origin, however, is guaranteed. It is near impossible to guarantee the origin of a mined diamond - it could originate from conflict zones, have caused local population displacement, exploited, or injured workers, promoted animal abuse, or used child labour. Mined diamonds also further deplete the Earth’s resources, creating 1.5 billion times more air emissions, using 50% more energy and 1,500 times more land than lab-grown diamonds. Much like fur, we believe there to be no reason left, other than outdated perceptions of ‘luxury’, to justify the use of mined diamonds. Our diamonds are manufactured using both the HPHT and CVD production methods. Both processes exclusively use renewable energy. Our diamonds are certified by the International Gemmological Institute (IGI) and are of the highest quality: D-F colour grades and VS1 clarity.

We exclusively use 100% recycled 18-carat gold. We believe that the most sustainable way to source gold, a finite resource, is to use recycled gold originating from post-consumer gold-bearing products, such as second-hand jewellery. We source our gold according to The Responsible Jewellery Council’s codes of practice system, only buying gold with its ‘Chain of Custody’ (CoC) certification. This certification guarantees the gold’s origin, responsible supply chains, human rights protection, labour rights and working conditions, health & safety, and environmental welfare.

Our jewellery is manufactured wholly in Paris. This keeps our operations as local, traceable, and ethical as possible, whilst minimizing transportation and waste. Our packaging is minimal, reusable and uses biodegradable and recycled materials. We believe that luxury can be modest and functional, rather than excessive and wasteful.


VEINS jewellery is manufactured entirely in Paris. Our atelier, founded in the 1980s, is a family enterprise boasting three generations of expertise. Each VEINS piece is manufactured by hand, merging traditional techniques of casting and welding with innovative methods like 3D prototyping and printing. Our skilled artisans create our jewellery in short series or as single products, guaranteeing the highest quality and the uniqueness of every piece.

Our Advice

if you are between sizes, we recommend choosing the size down. VIENS rings size slightly large owing to their atypical non-circular shapes.

Measuring Your Finger

We recommend measuring the size of your finger and not your ring. Finger size may vary throughout the day and depending on temperature. Please therefore measure your finger when dry and at room temperature , to ensure an accurate reading .

1. Wrap a ribbon around the base of the finger, or the point at which you intend to wear the ring. Also measure the finger at the knuckle.

2. Using a pen, mark the point where the ribbon crosses.

3. Using a ruler, measure the length in millimetres. This measurement is your finger circumference.

4. Choose the closest circumference from the table to determine your ring size. If between sizes, chooose the size down.

48 48 41/2 I1/2 08
49 49 41/2 J1/4 09
50 50 51/2 K 10
51 51 51/2 L 11
52 52 6 L1/2 12
53 53 61/4 M1/2 13
54 54 61/4 N1/2 14
55 55 71/4 O1/4 15
56 56 81/2 P 16
57 57 8 P1/2 17
58 58 81/2 Q1/2 18
59 59 81/4 R 19
60 60 9 S 20
61 61 91/2 T 21
62 62 10 T1/2 22
63 63 101/2 U 23
64 64 103/4 V 24
65 65 11 W 25
66 66 111/2 X 26
67 67 113/4 Y 27
68 68 12 Z 28

*Finger circumference in mm

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Customize your ring with your own engraving, a name, date, or special place. Your Engraving will be laser-cut on the inside of your VEINS Paris.

Please note that engraved rings can not be returned or exchanged.

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Why Our Prices Vary By Ring Size

We are a unisex brand offering a wide range of 21 sizes to fit every finger. This means that the weight of gold, and the number of diamonds (carat), varies considerably according to ring size. Our prices, therefore, reflect this variety, so that you are always paying a fair price that reflects the weight of gold and diamonds you receive.

The below table shows you the estimated weight of gold and carat of diamonds for your specific ring size